Scarpetta Cookbook


“Scott Conant’s cooking is certainly a departure from the predictable Italian meals we’ve come to expect. The spectacular food at Scarpetta has a foundation in Italy with an American sensibility that should be coined “Conant’s Cuisine.” —Bobby Flay, Chef/Author  

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is thrilled to announce the long-awaited publication of The Scarpetta Cookbook (Hardcover; $35; October 15, 2013) by award-winning chef and restaurateur Scott Conant. With 125 of the restaurant’s signature recipes, gorgeous full-color photography, and step-by-step instructions, this cookbook is a must-have not only for fans of the restaurant, but also for lovers of simple yet sophisticated Italian cuisine. 

This visually stunning book gives home cooks the tools to make world-class Italian cuisine in the comfort of their own kitchens. Written with the goal of teaching master techniques to last a lifetime, Conant wants his readers to learn to “think like a chef and not just follow a recipe.” And while the recipes have been edited for a home kitchen, they have not been simplified or scrubbed of hard-to-find ingredients, many of which can be purchased online if not available locally. 

Readers will be surprised to realize that some of the most beloved recipes—full of complex flavors and nuance—are easy to prepare and completely doable for the enthusiastic home cook. 

Conant also includes a robust chapter on “The Scarpetta Pantry” in which readers will find building-block recipes for flavor essentials like stocks, spice mixes, vegetable purées, flavored oils, and sauces. These are staples that can be made well ahead of time and are used again and again throughout the book. Some recipes may look like surprising inclusions in a pantry chapter—like Braised Short Ribs—but the deeply flavored meat stars in several dishes, like Chestnut Soup with Short Rib Daube and in the filling for Short Rib and Bone Marrow Agnolotti. 

With plenty of additional tips, particularly Conant’s “which wine” pairing suggestions with each recipe, readers can fully explore Scarpetta’s “Milan meets Tuscany” style right in their own homes. Everything in The Scarpetta Cookbook is about enjoying the whole experience of cooking, eating, and sharing a delicious meal—from the first course “Assaggini & Aperitivo,” which calls you to gather, to the dessert course, or “Dolci,” which encourages you to linger.